Sæhrímnir Supper Club

Sæhrímnir Supper Club

Sæhrímnir Supper Club

In Eldrhímnir, Andrhrímnir cooks

Sæhrímnir’s seething flesh

The best of bacons

Most marvelous meat

Though, few are those who know

On what fare the einherjar feast

Grímnismál, Poetic Edda (ca. 13th century)

In Scandinavian Mythology, Sæhrímnir (sai-rim-nir) was a mythical boar, roasted and served to the Gods of Valhalla. After each nightly feast, the boar was magically made whole, resurrected to be cooked again the following day. Porcus id est sine fine – the infinite pig.

In honor of this legendary sacrifice, the members of the Sæhrímnir Supper Club have dedicated their lives to the search for legendary barbecue. Each month, our members gather to search for smoked meat worthy of the Gods – barbecue that glorifies the name of Sæhrímnir, the ever-whole hog of Valhalla.