Sæhrímnir Supper Club


• How do I join the Sæhrímnir Supper Club?

While we are a top-secret society, we’re also quite friendly and approachable. To join, all you need to do is subscribe to our email list. You’ll learn about our monthly Meat Ups and other barbecue events around New York City. Thanks for your interest in our 100% real and legitimate organization.

• How does this Club work?

Each month the Sæhrímnir Supper Club holds a Meat Up at a different bar-b-que joint. Typically we go to established restaurants, pop-up events, or festivals in New York City and the tri-state area. On rare, special occasions, we arrange private events with pitmasters, where our members are treated to a special menu smoked exclusively for us.

We work with each restaurant/pitmaster to make advance reservations for our group. Sometimes that includes paying in advance to reserve special family-style or prix-fixe menus. Other times, we just reserve a table and order at the counter like typical customers. It really depends on the restaurant and what works best for their business. Specific details for each Meat Up are sent via our email newsletter.

• How do I find out about the Meat Ups? How do I RSVP?

All announcements are made in our email newsletter. Please subscribe if you are interested in attending. You should also add saehrimnirsupperclub@gmail.com to your contacts so our emails don’t end up in your spam folder next to the bitcoin scams and sexy local singles. There will be a link in the Meat Up email where you can RSVP for the event.

• Do I need to come to every event?

No, definitely not. Whether you come every month or once a year, if you love bar-b-que you’re always welcome at a Sæhrímnir Supper Club event. The goal of holding different monthly events is to check out as many bar-b-que joints as possible and give all our members the opportunity to attend as their schedule permits.

• Can I bring friends?

Absolutely. The entire point of this top-secret organization is that bar-b-que is best enjoyed with friends! That being said, our events occasionally have attendance limits and established club members receive preference over guests/plus-ones. If you have further questions about bringing friends, please contact the Illustrious Potentate.

• Only once a month? That’s not enough bar-b-que!

While the monthly Meat Ups are our primary gatherings, we are always looking for any chance we can find to eat more bar-b-que. That means you may get emails about surprise road trips or new pop-up events that we just heard about. We also do frequent “research” outings to check out new joints and judge their suitability for a future Meat Up. When you join the Sæhrímnir Supper Club, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to eat delicious bar-b-que!

• Who picks the restaurants?

The Illustrious Potentate is the elected leader of our organization (serving an 18-year term). He selects each month’s destination with the help of the Council of Elders – longtime members who are familiar with the tri-state bar-b-que scene.

• Are you open to suggestions for Meat Up locations?

Of course. While our organization is certainly the foremost expert in delicious bar-b-que in the NYC area, that doesn’t mean we know everything. New restaurants and pitmasters pop up all the time, and we want to try them all! If you have a suggestion, just shoot us an email.

• Isn’t this supposed to be top-secret?

Definitely! Our society is both clandestine and mysterious. You should only tell people about the Sæhrímnir Supper Club if they love bar-b-que, in which case it’s perfectly fine to clue them in. You should definitely not tell any vegans! Except for this lady.

• Was this really founded in 1952? Or did you just make that up?

The history of the Sæhrímnir Supper Club is obviously real and definitely not made up. Why do you ask?

• I am a pitmaster. Will you come to my restaurant / pop-up?

If you think your bar-b-que could satiate the Gods of Valhalla, we’d love to eat it! We’re always planning future events, so please email us to discuss details.

• How do you pronounce “Sæhrímnir”?

We get it. It’s not easy to pronounce. Blame the Vikings! “Sigh-Rim-Near or “Sair-Em-Near” are both ok, accent on the middle syllable. Here’s a video if you’re still confused.

• If Sæhrímnir is from Norse mythology, what’s with all the latin?

We contain multitudes.

• I have a question you didn’t address here.

Feel free to email us at saehrimnirsupperclub@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to answer you. I am sure your question is special and unique and not something I’ve already answered two dozen times before.