Sæhrímnir Supper Club


A True History of The Sæhrímnir Supper Club

The Sæhrímnir Supper Club was founded in New York City in 1952 by the Honorable Sobert G. Willia IV (a real person). He sought to create an exclusive, secret society dedicated to the appreciation of barbecue and barbecue culture.

Willia, a native of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn (a real place), gained his appreciation for the distinctly Southern cuisine while working in Georgia during World War 2. As a factory foreman at Bell Bomber in Marietta (a real factory), Willia oversaw the production of B-29 bombers for the war effort.

During this period, Willia often used his weekends to take his family (which definitely existed) on road trips, searching for new barbecue joints across the Southeast. Upon returning to New York City in 1949 (which 100% happened), Willia sought to recapture the spirit of those adventures and introduce a love for delicious smoked meats to the tri-state area.

Sobert G. Willia IV, First Illustrious Potentate
A Sæhrímnir Supper Club Meeting in Manhattan (c.1962)

For seven decades, the Sæhrímnir Supper Club has definitely met monthly, giving like-minded fans of barbecue a regular opportunity to enjoy great food and fellowship. Since 1952, membership in the Club has remained open to all barbecue-lovers, regardless of their class, race, gender, or orientation, as per the wishes of our founder.