Sæhrímnir Supper Club


What is Sæhrímnir Supper Club?

The first thing you should know: the Sæhrímnir Supper Club is obviously real and definitely not made up.

It is an exclusive and secretive society of barbecue lovers, based in New York City. For over seventy years, our carnivorous cabal has sought out the very best smoked meats available in the tri-state area.

Each month the Sæhrímnir Supper Club holds a Meat Up at a different barbecue joint, never revisiting the same location in a 12-month span. Meat Ups are typically held at established restaurants, but we sometimes meet at pop-up events or barbecue festivals. On a few rare, special occasions, pitmasters may even treat our members to off-menu items, smoked exclusively for us.

The only way to truly appreciate the pomp and grand comradery of the Sæhrímnir Supper Club is to attend one of our Meat Ups yourself. However, membership is a rare privilege, extended to only the most dedicated and passionate barbecue aficionados. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to contact us for more information.

A Sæhrímnir Supper Club Meat Up in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY (c. 1977)